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Anti Akne Oxygen Bubble Mask (30ml)

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Veana Oxygen Bubble Mask needs your skin like the air to breathe! Veana Oxygen Bubble Mask not only makes your skin beautiful, it also puts you in a good mood! Tedious skin cleansing with cleaning brushes and washcloths is a thing of the past - now the Veana Bubble Mask cleans deep into the pores with the power of thousands of bubbles.

Do you have tired skin or do you tend to have oily, large-pored skin with impurities? Then the Purifying Oxygen Energizing Mask is just right for you! Thanks to the latest technology, this mask has a triple effect.

The mask cleans and minimizes pores. Excess sebum, make-up residue and dirt are thoroughly removed. The Oxygen Energizing Mask gives the skin energy, a radiant complexion and smoothes lines and wrinkles.

The oxygen it contains stimulates blood circulation and collagen production, and the absorption of active ingredients such as moringa tree or nasturtium extract is improved.

For oily to combination skin. For acne and a shiny T-zone. Against pigment disorders and pimple marks. For large-pored and "smoker" skin.  The skin shines fresh again and is full of energy!

Application: Apply to cleansed skin. After a few seconds, a pleasantly tingling foam forms. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash off. The pores are smaller, the wrinkles are finer and your complexion is radiant!

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