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hair removal

With HairAway and HairFree Gel, we offer you hair removal products for permanent hair removal on a natural basis, as well as care products for after-treatment of different parts of the body, for example after depilation on the face, arms, legs or back.


HairAway Cream forte 80ml
HairAway Cream forte (80ml)
€311,88 / l
Veana HairAway GEL forte 200ml
Veana HairAway GEL forte (200ml)
€245,00 / l
Care Roll On Femme 50ml - gegen einwachsende Haare
Save 33%
EpilXpress Body for Men 100ml - Lang anhaltende Haarentfernung
Sold Out
Care Roll On Homme 50ml - gegen einwachsende Haare
Save 33%